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transformers 4 age of extinction A movie review July 6, 2014

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I have read a aful lot of bad riviews about this movies and that’s was part of the reason I heald off on seeing it but man am I happy I did.

I will amite I am an opumis fan to the bone, he was after all my first crush and still. (I don’t care if he is a girant robot, he is noble and strong!)

So we start of with space ship heading to earth, and then the Mother BEEP* kill my sweet innocent dinosaurs T.T I was not happy… and that is how they exsplaine the death of the dino’s. I think it’s better then the leading theory’s but that my opinion.

Anyhow, Mr. Sex Noble Prime was ambushed by humans and hide in a old theater. this father daughter team find him and try to fix him up for parts not knowing that he is a transformer.

The bad humans you find out are working for a robot bounty hunter who is after Prime, cuz apparently his creators want him back (can we say Transformers #5). The humans want this thing called a seed that will create more of the metal that the Transformers are made out of so that they can make more of the newer better transformers, (please) come to find out you have to drop it in a high concentration of organic life, AKA Hong Kong. Also apparently they used Megatrons head to help re-make the “new” transformers….can we say bad ideal.

but this who movie was made the most amazing thing I have ever seen for one moment in the movie….

Optimis becoming a Knight and riding a Fire breathing T-Rex (who is my favorite dino!)

And so I loved this movie, plus the last line is great!



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